About the gallery


Summer Season art shows: 10 am. to 3 pm. Monday through Saturday late June through August and occasional pre- and post-season shows in May, early June and September

For dates and times of receptions, seeĀ  the 358 Exchange or Coming Events in the classifieds section of the Valley Voice.

2017 Rates:

$70/week, summer season art shows
$20/day off-season art shows
off-season rental
$5/hour off season rental

Size and Capacity:

Square Footage: TBA


The gallery and garden deck are wheelchair-accessible.


Sink, bar fridge, dishes, kettles, counter, 24 chairs, couch during the winter, bench during the summer, 3 card tables, 1 small table, half a dozen plinths of various sizes, some supplies for hanging & taking down artwork (hammer, hooks, nails, Spackle).